Exhaust Repairs Aldershot

Exhaust Repairs Aldershot

The exhaust on your vehicle has four main functions:

  • Control noise
  • Direct exhaust fumes away from passengers
  • Improve the performance of the engine
  • Improve fuel consumption

The exhaust from your engine contains six gases as emissions your exhaust system is the only means of channeling away those noxious fumes.

Exhaust gases are collected from the engine by an exhaust manifold. The manifold acts as a funnel releasing the gases through a single opening which is often referred to as the front pipe.

Then to the catalytic converter which removes harmful elements converting them into inert gases. Then to a silencer. The silencer is a simple set of tubes tuned to reflect the sound waves produced by the engine cancelling each other out. Finally they exit via the tail pipe at the rear of the vehicle. All of the components of an exhaust system are connected with a series of clamps, hangers, flanges and gaskets.

Any one of these components can fail so if you have a “Rotten Egg” type smell or rattles and loud noises coming from your exhaust call in to Treadwell Service Centre and let our experienced technicians diagnose and fix your Exhaust Repair in Aldershot for you.

For more information on Exhausts repairs please call us on  01252 444 647 or complete our contact form.

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